Workflow that supports end-to-end event communication by date and form fill


Currently, I have to use two separate workflows to support communications around our webinars. 

  1. Registration confirmation with login information (email responder triggered on the contact record by a specific form fill). This has to be triggered upon the form completion. 
  2. Reminder and post-event communication (date-specific workflow that allows for emails, branching etc. x days before or after an event date). This has to be triggered around the event date. 

It seems nuts to me that in the contact-based, center on a date workflow we cannot add a step outside of that date constraint.


Ideal workflow:

  1. Enrollment trigger is the form completion
  2. Allowable input in the workflow is an external email that is triggered from that enrollment form completion (you registered, here's the confirmation)
  3. Then the rest of the emails, reminders, etc. flex around the date of the event.

Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 10.21.37 AM.png