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Workflow testing: Enroll Test Contact or make testing better

When testing a WorkFlow using the 'Test* button you are not able to 'Act out' different scenarios to see of your different actions/components of the WorkFlow is working as intended. 
To test this, I have enrolled test-subjects/contact from fictional contacts to make sure everything is okay. After I have done my testing, these actions should not be part of the WorkFlow. But I am not able to delete my history in the WorkFlow. 
Only option is to create a copy and delete this workflow. 


1. Be able to delete history or contact(+ actions) to take out testing analysis of the WorkFlow performance. 
2. Create a better testing environment for the workflow, where you can enroll test contact(s), if you switch on "Test". 

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Hi Stephanie, I agree. I create fictional contacts to be able to see lead capture creation sequences and make sure they work and properties get populated etc. Being able to categorize these contacts as such would be great .