Workflow suggestion; adding 'Go to other action' to contact workflows

I am getting started with workflows, and currently focus on contact workflows for onboarding new clients, and assisting with education. My workflow currently splits several times with If/Then statements, but then many times merges back together. I have learned from hubspot support that the tool that might work here is called 'Go to other action.' However, this action is only available in the Deal/Ticket/Company workflows, and so if you create a contact-based workflow then you won't see this option. Could this possibly be added?


Currently my solution is to duplicate the workflow multiple times, which I fear will lead me to making a mistake! I am also considering having users exit one workflow, and enter another one when they return to a common path.

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This is something that I queried at the last Auckland HUG in September and it sounded like it wasn't too far away. This would go down a treat! Like you Barney, current workaround is just Cloning and editing workflows but it's not exactly scalable or reliable. 

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Thanks Matthew, looks like this may be in planning? Admittedly, I worked around this for now. I ended up creating a contact workflow, and whenever I realized I was about to go into a set of actions that I might wish to access from another branch or elsewhere (since it would be repeated), I kicked the contact over into a newly created workflow that had the set of actions. Now from any contact workflow I might have, I can send someone at the right time to the redundant workflow. So instead of one monster workflow, I have four very brief workflows that people work through.


Another benefit to us, is that one of these workflows enrolls and spits out contacts whom we MUST follow up with. So hubspot thus creates the list of these customers for us! 

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As @Barney says, we are in fact rolling this feature out over the next couple of weeks! Keep an eye out for it in your contact workflows. It will become available once your portal is migrated to the new Workflows engine. You can read more about that migration here:


New Go To action feature!New Go To action feature!