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Workflow reenrollment every time an association changes

We use many workflows that copy certain properties from one object to another. Of course one could open all associated objects and read the info from there, but especially if you need a lot of these, this slows down people considerably. For example imagine somebody has to prepare a phyiscal shipment and needs multiple properties from deal, contact and company. Having them all copied into a "fullfillment" property group saves a lot of time.


The problem is, we cannot update these properties if for example the contact person changes, because workflows do not support reenrollment upon "known associations". We also have other use cases where we would want to make updates every time an object is being reassociated.

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YESSSS! We need this too. We are syncing information from Hubspot to our ERP and need this action/trigger for workflows. We also need the same thing to update properties from Contacts and Companies to Deals and Tickets and custom objects. Basically, for example, if someone gets married and their last name changes from "Martin" to "Brittingham" .... That name change needs to be reflected in custom created properties on the Company level as well as custom objects. Same thing with company name changes and such. I have SO many use cases. WE NEED THIS since we can't currently use "last updated date" or "if PROPERTY contents is different than before" as a trigger.