Workflow feature request: Visual Campaign Builder like InfusionSoft

I'm a huge HubSpot fan (it's by far my favourite tool) however I've found that InfusionSoft's email automation is superior to HubSpot in certain ways.


One of the best features of InfusionSoft was their Visual Campaign Builder - which basically gives you a diagram of how all your different workflows for a specific campaign fit together. You can double click on the different workflows from this view to drill down into a specific workflow.


See example below:




This makes it so easy to keep track of all your workflows and where they fit into the bigger strategic picture (and how and where your contacts are moving from and to). 


It would be really cool if HubSpot could develop their own visual campaign builder for the Marketing Hub in addition to having folders for workflows.  And, pretty please make it available to everyone not just Enterprise or Pro!!! Smiley Very Happy

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Agreed. A visual campaign builder (or even just a campaign map) would also help communicating the bigger strategic picture to teammates. Would definitely use this functionality if/when available.

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@MFrankJohnson thanks for up voting, I'm so glad you'd find this useful too. I loved this feature!