Workflow delay until task complete


I would love to be able to assign a task in a workflow, then delay that workflow from proceeding until the aforementioned task is completed.


Here is my use case:

I have a quote request form that gets filled out. If the contact already has a HubSpot Owner assigned, then the person filling out that form gets an email from their designated HubSpot Owner. The HubSpot Owner also gets an email informing them of the new lead.


If they do not have a HubSpot Owner assigned, it sends an email to the contact from me. Next it assigns me a task to assign a HubSpot Owner to that particular contact. What I would like, is for the same email about the new lead to automatically go to the HubSpot Owner as soon as they are assigned to the lead.


Rotating leads does not work for us because our sales territories are geographic.

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This is a feature that we would find really useful in our business as well.


I am currently designing a workflow where I want the next activity to be assinged when a "Task" is marked as complete. 


Our work flow looks like this

User registers, when they meet some predefined criteria they enter the workflow, and a deal is created

A "task" to call our new client is then assigned to one of our team, on completion of that task I want an email to be sent and a new "task" to be assigned, when that "Task" has been completed it triggers the next action.

We can't really predetermine our time spacing for all our tasks as that relies on us getting a hold of the person on the set day which in our industry isn't realistic.


I agree! It would be really helpful to be able to use a task completion as an enrollment factor. For example, we have steps/tasks to complete after the client answers for their onboarding call. If the client doesn't answer on the first try, we can't automatically set the tasks. We need that first call to happen before the next tasks get set up. 


Agreed on this one. There are at least 2 other submissions in this forum requesting this same feature.


 I would also like to have task completion as a trigger for workflows.  In our case it may be used as escalation to management should tasks not be completed on time.



Yes please. Add task status to workflow enrollment and goal options. Also need task status to be included in lists. 


I agree.

This would be extremely useful.


Wish to see this feature implemented on Hubspot as well.

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This idea along with some others could be achieved with one very clear thing in Hubspot: task-based workflows. We currently have contact-based, deal-based and ticket-based workflows, why not for task-based workflows? I suggest we bring all the upvote under one big idea. So anybody interesting like us to have workflow depend on the properties of one task, please comment and upvote "Task-based workflows" here:




 Yep, we need this one, too - for our Marketing-to-Sales handoff process!


What would be really great is all the capability of worflows and sequences, wrapped into one tool that can referece tasks, deals, and contacts (everything).  It is a little frustrating to have "automation" that is missing a lot of basic automation capability.  


This would make workflows for sales teams so much simplier to build out! A much needed feature.


We would also like to use this useful update 


This feature would make things more efficient and seamless, and for the possiblity of using If/Then Branches for their intended use. Also reduce the number of workflows created for 1 specific task...


We are looking for something similar. We have Call Task being assigned to a sales rep and we only want to send out the next email if that call has been made (owned by the completion of the task). If the task has not been completed, then we do not want the next email sent or steps being executed.


We could really use the ability to create new tasks based on completion of other tasks as well. Our sales process is long, involves multiple parties, and many tasks take an indeterminate amount of time.


We have stages with many tasks. For a stage containing 5 tasks, each spaced 2-3 days apart as an estimate, if task 1 takes a long time to complete because we are waiting on action from a client, then we have to manually update the due date of each subsequent task in the workflow. This can be quite burdensome with many contacts.


Having task based workflows/triggers would streamline a lot of things for us.




With the addition of the service hub, we want to take our process beyond the sale and work with our onboarding and account management team. We also want to ensure that we have a clean handoff in the post-sale phases. There are very specific tasks that need to happen in sequential order, this would automate our management and really cut down on the amount of manual data entry if we can have it dependent on completion of those tasks in workflows.


I was super surprised this wasn't already possible. 

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Agree, I was just looking to see how to do this and came accross this post. This is a much needed feature.