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Currently with the standard workflow you can add delays but you need to know the specific number of days and/or how many hours/minutes to delay the next step by. When setting up a workflow with multiple emails, it would be really helpful if I could chose the specific date/time I wanted the email delayed until so similar to when you schedule an email. This would be more accurate and reliable.

Even using the fixed-date workflow, it would require knowing how many days are between the fixed-date and when you want the sequence of emails to go out.


This feature would be good for companies with longer buying cycles and send out emails to nurture contacts to become leads every quarter. By adding in an option in the delay to choose a specific date and time would be beneficial to any step that had a set known date/time. This would also eliminate any element of guess work someone would have to do if they knew what date/time they wanted something to happen in their workflow such as an email to be sent. This is available when you schedule an email to be sent out, thus it should be available when you set a delay or set an email to be sent from a workflow.

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Great suggestion. Sometimes the specific date/time might also be restrictive if it's an ongoing workflow like a nurture. Would love to see something like "Wait two days and send next email at [TIME]". This way you can optimize for time email is sent without having to guess # of hours based on open time, etc.

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I agree. For some of the campaigns we do, we want emails to be sent on specific dates and times and I had to count out how many days after the launch of the campaign to make sure the emails were being sent out on the correct date. It would be nice to have the option of picking a specific date and to have the x days later option. I have used other platforms that allow for either.

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 This is such a great idea!

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Could not agree more. For me, I wanted to vary the days and the times of when the emails were sent to reach different audiences. Calculating the varying amount of days/ times proved very cumbersome and meant that some emails were sent at the incorrect hours or days meaning open rates were lower than intended. If I could pick the precise date and time it would allow emails to be more easily targeted to reach different audiences.

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I can strongly second this idea, but would also like to add to its functionality.


Instead of simply saying 'delay until 09:00', I would like an option - and see great use for it - where I can say 'only allow contacts to pass this step between 09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday'.


This can greatly aid a sales process, and my reasoning behind this is that we are looking to send plain text 'sales' emails as part of a workflow, to brand new leads. We have no control over what time the leads populate in HubSpot, and as such cannot control what time of the day they will receive email at - and we don't want a personal 'sales' email being sent outside of working hours.


With this functionaility it would means that all those who enroll outside of working hours only paass to the next step once business hours commence the following day, or after a weekend. 



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This is very applicable when creating an automation to handle sending a survery for example, or to set a property on a specific date.

Example: send out a workshop invitiation, contact registers for the workshop but we don't want to change their property status until the day of the workshop.  The registration can happen anytime between the email send and the event date. But the delay by days means that those that register say right before the event status wont change till XX days later.


It would be great if we can delay a specific action based on a date and not the length of time after!