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Workflow action to add message or note to contact timeline

We use Intercom for in-app messaging and chat since Hubspot doesn't offer this (yet)... We also have our own internal system for managing customers. When we email customers via Hubspot, I use a workflow with a webhook to log a record in our system. This way, our system sees all Hubspot messages.

What I want to have is a way to do the same thing but add Intercom Messages to the contact timeline in Hubspot. The closest thing I can do today is to create a "completed task", but this really isn't the best way to do it. A simple workflow option for "message" or "note" that gets added to timeline would be ideal.


This could also be used to log customer chats and other messages from all sorts of 3rd party tools.

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April 14, 2020 05:54 AM

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Heavy necro incoming.


This feature would be amazing to have, I need to log data sent via enternal sources and I rather create a note on the timeline rather than a task assigned to no one.







Sometimes a task might not be the best way to remind a colleague of something. A note might be the best solution here.


For example, if a client hasn't spent in 6 months, add a note to the client's timeline.

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This woud be very helpful since we use a different live chat sytem. Seeing the chat transcript for an existing customer in the timeline would be very helpful for our sales team. 


This would be so helpful, just to keep a record of something in the client's portfolio without using a property to keep track of it. Hoping this will be implemented in the future!