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Workflow Undo Option

It would be nice to have an undo button in Workflows, similar to emails. Sometimes we will edit a workflow and then quickly decide we want to revert back to the original creation. It's hard to remember what has to be changed back, especially for more complex workflows.

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December 08, 2023 01:27 PM

👋 Everyone,


This week we added undo/redo buttons on the workflows canvas, to undo and redo most changes made on the workflows canvas during the last 30 days. Undo/redo won't work for workflows that have extension actions or custom code actions.

To use this new feature:

  1. Go to the Edit Workflow Canvas to build a new or edit an existing workflow.
  2. See the two new buttons on the top left of the editor to undo and redo workflow actions.
  3. Clicking the undo button will revert changes, one-at-a-time.
  4. Clicking the redo button to restore an undone changes, one-at-a-time.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on these new undo/redo capabilities.




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November 17, 2023 11:37 AM

👋 Everyone!


Today we went to public beta with the ability to undo and redo most changes made on the workflows canvas during the last 30 days!


The undo/redo option will not work for workflows that have extension actions or custom code actions, and doesn't support changes for moving or cloning of actions.


To opt-in to the public beta, Click to the drop down next to your name in the top right corner of your HubSpot Portal > Select Product Updates > Select Betas > Find "[Public Beta] Undo or Redo Changes on the Workflows Canvas" > click the Join Beta button.


Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or feeback!




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December 12, 2022 12:14 PM

Hi, Everyone,


Thank you for your feedback on an undo option in workflows. Timelines can change, but currently we are working to have an undo option (similar to what's in emails) in Beta in Q1 of 2023. I will update this post when the Beta is released. 




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Yeah, I just got burned on this with 33,000 records doing a clean up b/c I missed selecting OR instead of AND.... It would be great if they could even go back and restore via a backup... an "UNDO" would be fantastic on this.... So upset I made that mistake and now may not have a way to fix it. I hope HubSpot support can help!

HubSpot Employee

Hey team, do we have any update on this?

This is a crucial feature for workflows 😕 So would love to see if we can make this a reality, thank you!

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Adding my upvote as I get tickets about this frequently as front-line support 


We need this! Having such easy mistakes be SO time consuming to fix is enough to create some resentment of the product!


Much needed!


Now that you have the ability to view revisions and actually see older versions of the workflows, this seems like a natural next step. 


Yes please please please. The fact that you can see revisions but not revert is almost torture — like here's what you can, you can look but you can't touch. I have an entire morning of rebuilding a complicated lead routing workflow now because I thought I'd get the option to move the actions to another branch but ended up deleting all of them. 

I deleted a branch by mistake within my template Workflow. Is there a fix to this or a way to restore a previous version? 

Upvote for me 👍


Would have helped me today. And hoping it will help me in the future. 
Enrolled ±2500 deals with the wrong property and need to undo this. Now looking for export import options or see if I can have a work around to copy properties. 

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Yep, totally need this! 



This would be incredibly helpful. Just deleted 35 actions with one misclick of a button!


I can see my workflow revision history, but I can't revert to the previous steps? Please just let me revert to the previous changes. I can go in and click and interact with them, so why can't I simply revert to that point in time?


Ok, this is really torture 😂🥲 i accidentally changed deals with one workflow and had no idea that repair will be such a pain in the 🍑
I can see my workflow revision history, but I can't revert to the previous steps? Pure **bleep**.
 I can go in and click and interact with them, so why can't I simply revert to that point in time?

please. Move with this one 🙏♥️


I understand that it may be hard to revert changes to a workflow and subsequently revert any updates to objects that the workflow made. That said, can we at least revert the workflow set up? When restoring a previous version, the workflow should be forced to not enroll objects that already meet the enrollment criteria. If we have to revert changes made to objects by the workflow some other way (e.g. lists, filtering & batch edits, imports, etc.), so be it.


Specific use case: Someone accidentally trimmed down a complicated workflow without cloning it first. Now, the workflow that had 3 levels of if/then branches has only 1. It takes an excruciating amount of time to recreate that complicated workflow. Picture 100 blocks accidentally cut down to 20. NO. GOOD. PLEASE. ADDRESS it's been 3 years since this idea was posted.


100% agree


Yes! This is a brilliant idea! Sometimes builing a complex workflow get tricky if you get one little trigger wrong and everything goes south when you turn the workflow on. Having a possibility to rollback would save tons of time on fixing issues caused by a little mistake. Please add this!


*walkes through the door* I see I am in good company, I am sure we all found this thread after we made a mistake a control-z didn't work and going to the version history didn't yield a revert to previous version button. This absolutely is a must have for admins. Thanks all 


oh gee, yet ANOTHER great idea for funcitonalty that SHOULD be in a system that we pay a TON of money for....this is ridiculous, the system already SHOWS REVISIONS, in DETAIL, but we can't roll back? and this has been an open suggestion for HOW long?! THREE YEARS.

The more I use HubSpot the more I find it lacking, and when I search how to do something I feel the system really SHOULD do for the $2600/month we pay for it I keep finding 'suggested ideas' that hundreds have voted on yet they sit for years while other 'features' are added that no one cares about. Goofy af.


Please build this. I just lost a huge workflow because of this. 😥

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Thank you @BetheBean, was super helpful to realize you can bulk export property history!!