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Coming from a niche background (I can't imagine there are many Game Developers/3D Artists within the community), I wanted to suggest an update to the workflow system that allows it to work similarly to Blender's Node Editor. 


While I think the current system works fairly well and keeps workflows simple, I think it could be a lot more efficient. The recent update of multiple branching paths within If/then branches is great, but looking around I've seen some other posts mentioning the need for cloning branches or multi-select features in general which are features that are common to Blender and other 3D/Game Dev programs. From Crtl selecting multiple actions to drag and connect capabilities, I think an update like this would save users large amounts of time and make the process of building out complex workflows less burdening.


Take the video with a grain of salt, their nodes are obviously oriented with outputting textures and materials while CRM workflow actions have different goals, but both work in similar ways.

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi @ty_lny ! I agree entirely with you 🙂 We are actively creating this feature and will have a beta out in a few weeks that will do a lot of what you're suggesting! In particular we're looking at adding support to clone/move/delete graph nodes (action cards) as well as clone/move/delete all downstream nodes, directly from the workflows canvas! If you're curious, there are important graph algorithms we need to figure out because we don't yet allow "loops" from being created in a workflow therefore the move and clone actions are likely going to need a way to remove "go to" edges that would create said loops.


In any case, if you would like to join an early beta of this, please let me know and I can add your account once we're ready!

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@zeke I would love to be apart of the beta. We use workflows all the time. I'll send you a DM