Workflow Trigger: Meeting Scheduled

Would be great to have a workflow trigger to trigger on a meeting scheduled using the meeting tool.

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Mar 30, 2018

Hi everyone! I am thrilled to announce that this functionality is now live. Check out #3 in this product announcement for details.

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Mar 6, 2018

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Agreed! That would be extremely useful!

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When someone books a meeting using the Meetings tools and was not already in the Contacts database, would be wonderful if HubSpot assigns a lifestage cycle and sources values when applicable.


Also, Meetings data needs to be part of the Workflow tool.

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If we are already collecting this data why can't we leverage Meeting a contact property or event within workflows? Seems silly that the data is collected as it feeds back to the Contact's record but can't do anything with it. Much needed to really enhance this portion of the product.

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@egarciavaz for workflows, you can add your kudos to this idea:


Can you clarify the original part of your idea? Are you looking for additional settings on Meetings link that would let you say "if a contact books a meeting using this link, set their lifecycle stage to X"?

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The idea is to have access to the information generated by the Meeting tool to use it in Workflows. For example, I could setup a workflow to change the life stage cycle of the contact based on wich of the meetings links the person used to ask for the meeting. Another idea would be to trigger an email based on the day or time the meeting was setup.

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To be quite blunt, this tool is pretty worthless if we can't somehow trigger a workflow. I mean, we can do this with ScheduleOnce, Acuity, or any of the other scheduling tools out there that have Zapier integration. In its simplest form, if it just records the name of the meeting being scheduled it would be sufficient.

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I agree here with lloydsilver as the tool has power to leverage data but doesn't. We left ScheduleOnce because it wasn't easy to tie into our website based off lead/contact owner as HubSpot Meeting is proving to be. Let's get the the Meeting portion of the tool some desperate attention it needs.

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FYI, I'd told by a support rep there are no plans to implement this change.

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Omg yes please!! Seems so silly that it hasn't been done lol.

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Definitely, that would be so great - I was stupidly looking for this in the contact properties thinking it existed already!

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It would be great that it created a personalised token based on the day and time. So you can then create a workflow with an email based on the meetings form being filled in. It would also then create a list of that specific meeting so you could then see all the people who have applied for that meeting.


So it could be a product demo for instance. They sign up it trigggers a workflow with an email and there date and time with some nice blurb. then an hour before there demo it sends a reminder and there details go in a alist.

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yes - great idea - I too thought it was already a feature went looking for it just now!

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I agree! It would be great to have Meetings be part of a workflow. We're currently working on a sales drip campaign consisting on about 8 emails. It would be great to have one of the goals set to "set a meeting" to kick them out of the workflow.

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I was digging in the workflows for almost an hour trying to find this option.....When a meeting is scheduled---->do the following. I am hoping there is an ETA for this HubSpot? 

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Yes, definitely need to be able to use Call/Meeting/Activity Types as criteria for enrollment into Smartlists, Workflows and Sequences.


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 You can use the Contact Property "Last Meeting Booked", but it would be much easier if there was access to when that field was changed, instead of the meeting date.

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@hroberts is this being worked on? I was thinking about setting up my first workflow - and this was the first no-brainer to try out. Didn't find out, found this post, and curious to know if you are going to implement this.


For outbound this is super useful:

A) Create a sequence

B) If meeting booked create lead