Workflow Trigger: Meeting Scheduled

Would be great to have a workflow trigger to trigger on a meeting scheduled using the meeting tool.

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Definitely, that would be so great - I was stupidly looking for this in the contact properties thinking it existed already!

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It would be great that it created a personalised token based on the day and time. So you can then create a workflow with an email based on the meetings form being filled in. It would also then create a list of that specific meeting so you could then see all the people who have applied for that meeting.


So it could be a product demo for instance. They sign up it trigggers a workflow with an email and there date and time with some nice blurb. then an hour before there demo it sends a reminder and there details go in a alist.

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yes - great idea - I too thought it was already a feature went looking for it just now!

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I agree! It would be great to have Meetings be part of a workflow. We're currently working on a sales drip campaign consisting on about 8 emails. It would be great to have one of the goals set to "set a meeting" to kick them out of the workflow.

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I was digging in the workflows for almost an hour trying to find this option.....When a meeting is scheduled---->do the following. I am hoping there is an ETA for this HubSpot? 

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Yes, definitely need to be able to use Call/Meeting/Activity Types as criteria for enrollment into Smartlists, Workflows and Sequences.


Allen R. Helms

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 You can use the Contact Property "Last Meeting Booked", but it would be much easier if there was access to when that field was changed, instead of the meeting date.

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@hroberts is this being worked on? I was thinking about setting up my first workflow - and this was the first no-brainer to try out. Didn't find out, found this post, and curious to know if you are going to implement this.


For outbound this is super useful:

A) Create a sequence

B) If meeting booked create lead