Workflow Throttle Delay


I haven't been able to come up with a workaround or anything on the community (maybe I'm just missing it) but the idea here would allow for a workflow "throttle delay."


Essentially, there would be a workflow action building block that allows you to limit the number of contacts during a specified time period that could go to the next step in the workflow.


Use Case:  When bulk reassigning a segment of contacts via a workflow, I'd like to be able to specify "X contacts every X time period" to go to the next step (in this example, round-robin between the new owners).  This way, I have control over how many contacts are reassigned during a given time period and not bombard the new owners with hundreds or thousands of contacts at once.



  1. Enrollment Criteria - contains 1,000 contacts to be reassigned
  2. Action 1 - delay throttle only allows 50 contacts every 24 hours to go to the next step
  3. Action 2 - rotate contacts to new owners
  4. Workflow End

I've encountered various use cases in addition to the above example where this would be extremely useful and help further automate and reduce manual work.