Workflow Step Notes

Workflows can be complex and it would be great it you could add notes to a step to explain what it's doing for other members on the team.

In programming, you leave comments in the code to help explain a function, why not have something similar in workflows.

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Yes! This and the ability to put workflows in folders. We have so many it is hard to keep track of them all!

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I agree with this completely. I came from another solution and while the icons stayed the same on the steps for marketers who build the programs, even being able to change the name of the step for human readable purposes was invaluable.

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Naming or putting a note on the steps inside of a workflow seems to be a standard feature in other platforms. I was surprised HubSpot doesn't offer this yet.

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I would LOVE to see this as well.

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This is one of those great ideas that simply doesn't need any further explanation. Just do it.

[Along with FOLDERS for workflows!] Smiley Happy

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This is a great idea! Would help a lot to colaborate and maintain workflows. We need it Smiley Very Happy

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At a minimum, it'd be great to be able to name each workflow step.  That way, anybody can follow the flow of what a workflow is doing.  This would also make it way easier when testing a workflow to make sure the branch that "tested positive" was the right one.  Currently you have no way of knowing what step the test is talking about.

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Agree - if you can add ann explanation - or replace the current 'fucntional' title with something meaningful, it would help others understand the workflow.


@MFrankJohnson You have one of your wishes: Workflows have folders now!

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Yes. We now have workflow folders. And we are eternally grateful. (bow)

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Agreed, or even more simply a "Description" field for each workflow and workflow folder. Today we have descriptions for properties, but workflows are much more complex.