Workflow Round Robin - rotate leads evenly & in set order


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We want the round robin to distribute leads to reps in a set rotation order that is even and predictable (not randomized).


Currently, we move reps in and out of the round robin based on vacation time and also at time to focus on other types of sales opportunities. With the current assignment logic, a rep that goes on vacation will then get MORE leads when they get added back into rotation. We want the rotation to be even from the point they are added back in. We also want it to be in a set / predictable order and not randomized.




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Is there a status update on this? We need this for one of our clients.

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This would be a nice feature


Definitely a needed feature! 

Status updated to: Delivered
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Hey folks!


I'm happy to report that evenly rotating leads through a round-robin workflow action is now Delivered!!! More info on the rotate leads workflow action can be found here:


I'd like to clarify this "Delivered" status reflects the feature request in the original post. There have been additional requests added in the comments on this thread, so I've tracked down some other Ideas where you can upvote and leave feedback. 


Auto Rotate, ability to mark user as on vacation or sick to remove/skip them in workflow

Filter workflows for lead rotation including specific contact owners

Rotating leads with fixed distribution percentages


If you have additional requests on lead rotation, don't hesitate to search for it or create your own!




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