Workflow Performance Reporting

My team would like to see the ongoing results of their assigned workflows. Without allowing the Sales Rep access to the Marketing functions, there is currently no way to report. 


The workflow performance reports cannot be exported or printed, and there are no reports for workflows or individual emails.


Please add the ability to create emailed reports of the Workflow Performance page.   



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I do not know if this is related but I have a similar problem.. I have no way to report contact level performance of a workflow.. Basically I want to hand over to my sales team a list of contacts and their performance - open , clicks along the workflow, showing clearly whihch emails they opened or clicked etc. At this point, the option is to export the individual email performance data and manually collate outsid ein excel whihc is painful

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I really need to be able to export workflow history as well, specifically when a contact completes a workflow (date and time stamp). Here's why:


I am trying to create a monthly report for lead scoring performance, showing which contacts have surpassed our lead scoring threshold and when. When contacts surpass our threshold, they are enrolled in a workflow that triggers an internal notification. Looking at the workflow history tells me when contacts were enrolled/completed the workflow but doesn't allow me to export this aggregate information in a spreadsheet. The end result is that I cannot report to my management team how many marketing qualified leads we are generating in any given month. Even if I were to create a static list that adds a contact every time they complete the workflow, the 'lists' functionality in Hubspot does not provide a way to report on when the contact was actually added to the list.

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jk2's use case is very close to an issue we are seeing here on Workflow history and when Contacts are added to Workflows.  We are using this more for automated communication to Customers rather than lead scoring, but the issue of not being able to report on the aggregate information.   This is a significant deficiency in the platform.

This information is stored somewhere in the HubSpot back end database (otherwise the metrics would not be visible in HubSpot), why can't it be surfaced for reporting?

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I agree with this. Our customer onboarding team uses workflows for various clients to increase the amount of infromation their customers provide us. By being able to measure the workflows against each other, we can determine better successes and being able to pinpoint the "why?" much easier

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This would not only be useful to give to sales but also to see all of them in a rollup for monthly reporting.  Any news on this being added or has anyone found a way to summarize data without having to go to each one?

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I'm not using workflows for a sales team (b2c here) but I am using them for weekly campaigns to various segments. I now have over 50 and need to present a report about the performance of each and then the overall performance in aggregate. From what I can gather--and have been told by Hubspot--the only way for me to get that information is to go to the Performance tab of each workflow and then manually enter the information I need into a spreadsheet. This seems like a severe deficiency in the platform. And if I understand this correctly, people have been asking for this for OVER A YEAR and no action has been taken. I have no words to express my utter disappointment... and now will be spending hours on something that SHOULD BE READILY AVAILABLE with a few clicks.

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Yes, I want it as well as export in PDF!!

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Yep, the sales director is asking me for a report on contacts added to workflows and dates added. Where's the report in Hubspot? Nowhere to be found. And no way to create any kind of custom report inside Hubspot. Yet another ding on the CEO's side of not renewing next time.

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I'm going to throw my vote behind this request as well. We have created a few "win-back" workflows, and I have no way of creating a report around the contacts who met the goal. 


Is this on the roadmap by any chance? 

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I have a similar situation as @Brenda  . I use contact-based workflows (triggered by website activity) for each product line, persona,  and even region specific. But I have not come across a solution, yet (Not in the community, not at INBOUND, and not with support) on how to report on all of these in a simple way without spending tons of time between Excel, the Email tool, List tool, and Workflow tool. Or be able to identify MQLs and potential SQLs to pass to Sales. Who has time to do that? The solution needs to be scalable and repeatable. Please help Smiley Sad

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Also would like to have a month-by-month email performance report or export for  emails within a workflow. 


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I would like to be able to track and report on workflows in bulk instead of manual. There should not be manual reporting at this stage of HubSpot. Tracking and KPI performance is critical. 

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Exactly! Going through everything was tedious and what ideas I did find by googling around for ROI reporting just didn't work.

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Having similar needs to others on this request! To be able to export a "snapshot" of where contacts are within the workflow or at least export contacts with current workflow status (i.e. enrolled, suppressed, unenrolled, completed).  Similarly, would be great to be able to filter Contacts based on their enrollment in a particular workflow.


We're trying to track the effectiveness of a "nudge email sequence" campaign at registering for a program and there's no real way to do it in Hubspot.  Additionally, related to this request (, I'm trying to see who was unenrolled from a workflow because their contact was merged and it's impossible, save from searching ~1,000 individual contacts.

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One thing we would use Workflows for is Service Level Agreement alerts.  If a customer is under a 2 hour SLA and the ticket hits 2 hours without a response we need alerts.


2 Hour SLA

4 Hour SLA

8 Hour SLA


We need metrics on how often they are triggered.  The Workflow history format will make it difficult.

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I would like to see workflow goals as a comparison or a graph and also shw the best workflows over time.

We use some workflows for  different kinds of uses ( Internal vs nurturing vs sending a reply to a form submission)

I would firstly like to be able to tag workflows by use so that we can report on these separately.

Compare the performance of one workflow to another, compare email by email or even copare workflow performance over time.

Goals are under used so I would like to report on % goal completed.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Hey Community!


We are actively looking at improving the performance reporting you can get from workflows. 


Would love to dig into a few things here if possible:

  • @jk2 & @anejako is the main issue here that you want to be able to report on which contacts have certain criteria (met lead scoring threshold or received an automated communication) and which workflow they were in?
  • @Brenda would love to learn more about how you would like to see this aggregated data represented and what sort of control you may want to slice & dice it. cc @SydneyG 
  • @myl3s what are some of the workflows + email metrics that you would like to see month by month?
  • @cmalanga is the snapshot you are trying to look at something that you want to compare over certain timeframes to gauge the effectiveness and changes in the effectiveness of your workflows? If so, how would you imagine that data to be represented to make it easy to take action on for you and your team?

I'll continue to monitor this thread and update it as we get closer to working on better workflows performance reporting.




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For us it's simple really, CEO wants to know....Which workflows led to a closed deal? What metrics can we produce to justify spending time doing workflows in the first place?

It's all about the ROI. 




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Thanks, Jesse!


The easiest way to describe what we need would just be a csv export of the History page on workflows (one row per event per contact or ticket, depending on the workflow type).  Right now I can view this on the page and search a particular contact, but allowing a csv export would enable greater flexibility to use the data.  For example, if I can export this data to csv, I can see not just how many people completed a workflow (which we have in the Performance section), but who completed the workflow in an aggregate way (rather than scrolling through the History section or looking up individual contacts).



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@jtremblay so glad to see this is getting worked on!


I'd really love to see which marketing email was sent just before achieving a goal. That way, when there's 7 emails in a workflow, we know which specific emails are performing well, and which need retooling.


Would also love a way to add in source/medium from ads, to have a true END-TO-END tracking, this person came from this ad, then clicked on this email to achieve this goal and get sent into this workflow...


Again, thanks so much for all your hard work! Everyone on your team is amazing!!