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Workflow Membership/Enrollment Tracking

Currently, you can view all of the "Workflow Memberships" for a given Contact simply by viewing the Contact itself and viewing the right-hand side menu. However, this does not exist for Company and Deal objects and would be super beneficial if it did.


Additionally, when viewing your Workflows from the "Workflows" page, there are metrics for "Total" and "Active" enrollment, BUT there is no easy way of viewing WHO (or what objects) are actually enrolled in those Workflows. The closest you can get to these is by clicking an individual Workflow, viewing the "History", and then applying filters or searching through the "Select a [object]" dropdown - but even this doesn't give you a definitive anwer because from what I can tell this is just a list of all objects (Contacts, Companies, Deals) that had any association with the Workflow, even if it was just temporary or they have since be un-enrolled.



  • There is no indicator on a Company and Deal telling us what Workflow(s) that object belongs to
  • There is no way to see in an aggregate view which objects are actively enrolled in Workflows


Workflows are extremley useful but as they currently stand are an absolute nightmare to manage/maintain/track/review.

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Would love to see a workflow membership view for deals the same way it exists and is implemented for Contacts 


+1 to all of the above. Since we can now create deal and company lists, workflow enrollment should be available as a list filter for these object types. This would allow us to create lists of all deals/companies that have ever been enrolled in a certain workflow, are currently enrolled, etc. Disappointed we cannot do this for deal lists when it's available for contact workflows.