Workflow Issue: Allow us to choose business days, not just days.


When creating workflows, if I have it create a task, it lets you set the due date to 2 days from task creation. However when you create a task manually, you can set it to 2 BUSINESS days from task creation. The problem this is causing is some automated tasks are landing on Saturdays and Sundays.


It was recommended that I post here about this so that it could possibly be added as a workflow feature.


Response from Customer Support:


Thank you for reaching out to HubSpot support. You are correct that there is no option in creating tasks in a workflow so that days will automatically be counted in business days, and would definitely recommend posting on our ideas forum about this issue. That being said, there is an option in the settings tab of the workflow builder to only allow actions to execute Monday-Friday. Depending on the workflow setup you have, you could create a delay prior to the task that will trap contacts until a week day, at which point a task will be created. This obviously is not an ideal outcome, as depending on how you set up your delays, this could still lead to tasks with due dates on the weekend, however this additional option may be a viable way to avoid this from happening in most instances depending on whether or not the workflow needs some actions to execute on the weekend, so I wanted to follow up with this suggestion. Other than that, the only way to set up tasks with business day options at this time is through the standard tasks tool under Sales.

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I also agree that this would be incredibly useful!!


Please develop this function asap. Workflows with automated tasks which ending on saturday is not good! Also for statistics if u dont work on saturday


+1 on this idea. We want our email campaigns developed in workflows to allow for limits to business days to easily avoid weekend emails.


Yes please do this - the options should be consistent with the manual task setting!


This is fundamental. Business hours/days is the way SO many of us work. Please get this in action.


Agreed! Have had many issues in setting up workflows and every support person we have talked to gives us a slightly different answer or mentions another set-up step we should have completed. The option of having a date picker where we could choose "send the 2nd email on [month, day] would eliminate a lot of frustration, errors, and guesswork.


This is an important feature to have, and its absence limits our ability to deliver our messages at the most relevant times. 


Crazy this isnt default since this is a system designed for business