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I have a workflow with quite a few (for eg, 5) steps, and a next step through IF branch can only be activated once a current step is fulfilled. As the steps proceed on, I'm just repeating the branches I've built on one side and doing the same things on the other side of the IF branch, which makes work highly repeated. (up to 2^4 = 16 same mini branches at the end of the workflow). Since as I progress through the workflow, many are repeated steps, I propose two ways:

Since as I progress through the workflow, many are repeated steps, I propose two ways:

1. To be able to clone a branch and use it on a separate branch, especially I'm using the same parameters/conditions, it can save so much time by allowing copying and pasting, instead of building the branch from the start of adding time delay and adding conditions and actions afterwards.

2. Allow nodes to merge. For some of the steps in the workflow, since they are identical, the actions follow will be the same; but currently, I can only continue the workflow by painstakingly building the workflow branches one by one afterwards, resulting in 2^n branches. If the nodes (if branches that end with the same action and should lead to the same step afterwards) are allowed to be merged, it will make the workflow so much easier to manage. 

Look forward to seeing more improvements on your product. Thanks. 

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Merging if / then branch paths would be great, its often that I need to set a simple condition (eg assign an owner if no owner is assigned), and then have to build tow idendical branches.


And being able to clone nodes would be really great too. It takes a lot of time if you are using personalisation tokens to create meaningul tasks and the work is very repetitive, especially if you need to build the same branch multiple times.

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+1 for this idea. Its a necesary feature given this is a kind-of programmation tool. Just look at any graphic programmation tool (FL Studio Patcher, DSP Synthmaker, Bizagi)

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Yes please.