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Workflow Idea: Marketing Emails (Was not Sent to Contact)

I noticed in workflows that there is an option for if an email was sent to a contact but not an option if an email was not sent to a contact. I would love to see that option available. 

I am wanting to build a workflow that if someone has schedued a meeting and not received "Email X" then to send "Email A" and then "Email X" to that person. If they have received "Email X" then just send "Email A." 


Screen Shot 2022-12-27 at 3.18.12 PM.png

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Hi @marcy730 There is a workaround to this- Set a workflow, add a meeting form as a trigger > use an If/then branch > Set if to "email was sent to contact"> Select "Email X". > The "none of the criteria are metbranch will now have the contacts where "Email X" is not sent. You can now set "Email A" and then with a delay "Email X". Hope this helps. 


Hey @ContentNinja 

I did try to build a workflow this way, and the email was still going out for both sides. 


I will try again.