Workflow Generated Timestamps with the Actual Time...Not Just Date

It would be great if the timestamps set by workflows could include the actual time, not just the date. 


Use Case: We have a workflow that sends a 3 step email drip to leads if they don't show up to a call. 


To trigger this workflow, we move the Deal to Deal Stage "No Show". When this is done, there is a timestamp set for "Became No Show Date" and they are enrolled into the workflow.


One of the goals we have in the workflow is "Became No Show Date is before Last Meeting Booked Date"


This goal would unenroll the lead if they do in fact reschedule. 


Unfortunately this goal does not work because, Became No Show Date and Last Meeting Booked date start as the same date. Because there is no specific time on the timestamp,  the is before property or is after property  don't really work.


As a result, sales needs to keep an eye on whether they book and manually move their stage when this happens.


I'm sure there are other use cases for this, but that's one I ran into today. 

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This would be huge for us as well, for the ticket systems we don't want to allow for an entire day to pass before a reminder or task has been triggered for some of our more critical or customer impacting activities.