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Workflow Error Notifications

Receive a notification for whenever one of my workflows encounters an error.

This would avoid missing leads in real time due to undetected errors.

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@jtremblay is there any update on workflow error notifications? 

HubSpot Product Team

Our team is currently evaluating the best way to notify users about workflow events. If anyone would be interested in speaking with us (the product team) about their use case, feel free to send me a direct message and we can set up some time to talk!

Hi HS Team!!

It´s fantastic you are reviewing this new potential feature. It would help
us so much to avoid surprises. Sometimes, we identify errors almost by
chance when it's a bit late to reconnect with our leads and they might have
gone cold by then.
Please send me your meeting link to book a call with you 🙂

Thanks a lot!

Would love to see this implemented!

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Wanted to add this idea as well, because we want to receive notifications when a contact get unenrolled (for instance, when it's merged with another contact and doesn't meet the re-enrollment criteria)


We have created nearly 100 workflows that are in active use. It would be great if we could mark the critical ones and receive a special error notification for them.


Yes this would massively help our team as we've just manually discovered an issue with:

- webhook actions timing out and being skipped

- sms messages not being sent


If we had received a notification when these had happened we could have instantly caught and fixed. 


To help keep on top of workflow management it would also be useful to be able to mark them as 'fixed' in the workflow error tab as mentioned in this idea

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@cjankowski any updates on this? This would be a great feature to have, now there are often errors overseen.


Such a basic idea that is crutial for HS customers to succeed with their operations.......

Simple example that is costing us money:

We set up that the qualification process of a contact is designed by changing statuses on a contacts property - once qualified it creates a new deal and assigns the relevant acount executive for the demo.


If something breaks in the process then the automation doesn't due it's job.... meaning we loose deals that have been qualified because we didn't get an alert that the automation is broken.


HS product team - you're getting requests for this since 2017 - this is a super easy feature to develop and if it makes your customers lose money than this should be a No-brainer if to add to the road map.


I'd love to get a response and understand the status of this simple ability and if still is not a priority.


Thanks in advance

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Commenting on behalf of a cust here! Sends out loads of workflows and would be great to know whenever any of them are encountering an error without having to access each and every workflow to check. Thank you!



Another feature that seems like a no-brainer which should be already possible. Missing a bunch of errors as I have to manually go in and check each workflow. 


Is there any update on this type of feature?

This type of feature is available in most other email ervice providers/CRMs -- I'm surpirsed such a basic functionality doesn't exist.

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Hey @bellawu!,


I've made error checks of my own via internal notifications and placing myself inside of a team, so that when it comes to adding/removing people to get them it's just one place to do that instead of every single error message box. This is what it looks like roughly:




Essentially, everywhere that I wanted to know if something was going to break, I installed an if/then tree, using the "otherwise/else" branch to send an internal email notification. In that way, if someone didn't meet the preceeding criterion (which they should have prior to that point) then it would flag an error and let me know via email asap.

In the end, there are internal marketing automated emails which get sent out to the teams to notify them of the leads. In those cases, I used a Value= tree in order to sus out the success/failure state of the email send, and again installed an internal notification to let me know if it didn't happen. If it did, I left it blank because I don't care if it was successful.


Does that help in any way?


Hello @nlafakis ,

very interessting workaround solution! But I dont know what field to check, if an email was sent correctly or an error appeared. What condition do you check there? What field do you use in the if/then branch?




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Hey @Deborah!,


So there's a lot of things you can do when it comes to post email send with the Value Equals Branch. Here's the crux of the setup:


Starts with the IF/THEN which includes a check in case something failed that as pictured above. One of those branches is going to be for sending an email based on qualifying factors. That's going to be followed up with a Value Equals Branch, and point it to the Send Email box (if you're going to replicate this across multiple places in your workflow, do so BEFORE adding the Value Equals Branch. Once added, from the IF/THEN down, cannot be copied and pasted elsewhere because it would contain a duplicate value).

Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 8.44.52 AM.png


Once that's in place, you can determine how you'd like to break down the success/failure of the send. Personally I only need to see the failure, but there's additional options that you can use also!:

Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 8.45.37 AM.png

Then you can attach your internal notifications to the end of those branches to notify you of the success/failure of the send:

Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 8.46.34 AM.png


Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 8.47.25 AM.png

For testing purposes of course, you could also create a success notification to ensure the flow is working properly. Depending on traffic through the workflow when live, however, you may not want to have this in place.

Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 8.48.28 AM.png

Did that answer your question, sorry if I didn't go into enough detail.






Due to the automated nature of the workflows and how integral they are to our lead process - this is a critical capability.

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I'm glad this is being reviewed. We have have had multiple clients where HubSpot updates caused workflows to break and we didn't find out until luckily we happened to be editing one. Similar to the SFDC/HubSpot sync, we need to alerted when a key workflow has a severe error. 


Really glad to see this is being reviewed! 


absolutely this is very important!