Workflow Error Notifications


Receive a notification for whenever one of my workflows encounters an error.

This would avoid missing leads in real time due to undetected errors.

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Oh yes ... I would love this feature. After all, this data is already available, so this would be just one option to get notifications. 


We just discovered our support tickets weren't being sent to our support desk (this is the main part of our business) because of a workflow error. Would really love this feature! 


I've also just experienced this issue - an email connected to a workflow was deleted, the workflow was in error. We found it only through chance.  

Is this feature in your development plan now? It's odd that the system can identify these errors but is not able to flag anyone. 

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Please add me to the beta list


Please add me to the beta list


Please add me to the beta list.


It's very confusing when you try to find expected functionality in a platform, only to end up on the forum again! (In yet another thread discussing something that's an ordinary, expected behaviour and just... isn't in HubSpot, even though there's plenty of other bells and whistles that were apparently more important to develop!)


It would be nice if HubSpot could perhaps consider taking a break from whatever roadmap they've developed, and take a look at what their existing customer base have repeatedly raised as being high priorities. 


It'd also be nice to be notified if a workflow is meeting an enrollment goal since sometimes there's an issue with how you set it up that does not necessarily result in an error. 

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HubSpot needs a better notification system when things fail such as a workflow or a social post failed to send out. I would like to be a part of the beta. 

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@jtremblay Considering the amount of comments on this thread I think this would be a great addition to the platform. We have to do a lot of fixing for our sales agents when one of our deals gets lost due to workflow errors. Not only annoying to spend the time on but it's really hurting the eas of use for the sales agents and with that their perception of the platform. If a beta comes available I would love to enroll our accounts.


Just searching for how I can set this up and found that its not possible yet.

We are having to maually check worflows for failed elements so automation here would be great!



We as well need this. Please take it into consideration....


It would also be helpful to know what the error is. When going through the workflows with "errors" there's nothing that I can find that's wrong with it.


This would be extremely useful to not miss out on leads syncing and updating to move on in the Buyer Journey.


This would be really useful. Right now we're relying on custom Slack notifications to notify us of any errors that could affect our workflows (e.g. when a company isn't attached to a deal record) - but updating them requires dev time. Having an in-app option in Hubspot would greatly simplify this process.

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I think this is a very important feature that Zapier already offers for example. I don't think I can check for each client account every day if there's an error or something that went wrong. Clients could also lose so many leads, etc..  


Please prioritize this request!


Defenitly need an alert function. Otherwise no use to this feature for me.