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Workflow Enrollment based on Feedback Survey Submission (or lack there of)

I am trying to enroll contacts into a workflow if they have (or have not) submitted a specific Feedback Survey. I spoke with HubSpot support about this and they confirmed that this is not possible.


The workaround they offered was to create a List based on Feedback Survey Properties, and then enroll contacts in the workflow based on List Membership, but this feels like a completely unnecessary step and a lot of extra work.


I feel like Feedback Survey Properties should be things that can be used as enrollment criteria (and also within if/then steps), especially if they can already be used for list creation.

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Whilst not available, access to personalized tokens for Contacts and Contact's associated company from the feedback survey workflows, specifically in my case NPS, would give an ablity to add a natural process progression step, enabling the creation of tickets to assign for followup from feedback.  Thanks   

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I have a similar issue - I would love for contact based workflows to allow us to pull in feedback submission responses. For some reason I always thougtht that those answers were getting stored as contact properties (similar to how they do with form submissions). It's weird to me that they're sort of their own separate object in some ways and not fully connected to contacts. I have a customer looking to do retargeting to folks with enrollment criteria for contacts who have answered an intent survey saying a particular area of concern AND viewed 1 or more blog posts on that same subject. 


I can either create a contact based workflow and be able to pull in page views with the area of concern in the URL OR I can do a feedback submission based workflow and pull in the area of concern they selected, but I can't select both in one workflow. When we try to pair the power of the CRM with feedback submissions, it's really hard to get that value right now. 


My current work around solution is to build a custom feedback submission workflow that says when this question's answer is KNOWN, then copy that answer to a contact property. Then, you can build a contact based workflow that pulls in that known question value (because it is now a custom contact property) AND the page views so you can do a targeted campaign - but I agree with the author of this post, that feels very unnecessary - the survey submissions don't need to be partitioned out. A contact fills out forms and those get lumped under contact based workflows, why are surveys different/their own object?