Workflow Dashboard Reporting


I use HubSpots workflows a ton and viewing their success/failures more easily, like in a dashboard, would be great. I have MQL and SQL workflows that run regularly and also create them for large events we exhibit at and it would be great to more readily see their results and determine which workflows/emails need the most optimization. 

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It would really be helpful to be able to access and issue reports for workflows! Managing all the data separately ends up consuming a lot of the time that the workflows save. Please consider adding a workflow filter to the dashboards and reports!


This would be very helpful for our team as well.  We would love a way to quickly see how many contacts are in any of our workflows from our main dashboard.


This is so necesary, we are trying to figure out how many active workflows have each contact and is impossible, not to mention that would be great to see all your workflows in a report showing statistics by folder for example, general or selected workflows.

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Agreed, this would be really helpful. We would like to be able to see on a dashboard how effective our automated campaigns at encouraging users to adopt certain features.


Just droppin to upvote and say YES PLEASE. 


It's one thing to dedicate a ton of time to create and optimize nurturing workflows and all of the related assets/emails, but Ive also spent just as much time trying to create reporting for everything. At this point any sort of reporting functionality for workflows would be so incredibly helpful.




Yes agreed. We would like to set up differrent dashboards based on each goal completion rate of the workflows. Seems not possible currently.


Yes, please. We sorely need this feature. At the moment I am using custom contact properties that I update at various stages in the workflow and use those in reporting on contacts. But it would be so much better to report on the workflow events themselves.


It would also be helpful to export as a CSV a report of actions, including unenrollments.