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Workflow Action and Trigger - Associate Company or Contact

Within workflows, I'd like the ability to associate a contact, company, or deal to another entity such as a contact, company, or deal.


Use case:

I have a deal associated with a contact from Company A. I'd like the ability to automatically associate Company A to the deal (if associated company is unknown).

I would need a trigger that allowed me to check whether a company was already associated to that deal. And if unknown, an action to copy over the contact's associated company to the deal's associated company.


Who: This benefits sales team, sales managers, and CRM administrators.

Goal: Eliminate manual data entry for deals, contacts, and companies that all go together.

Value: Save time and ensure that any activity on a company, deal, or contact will automatically be logged on each entity (company, deal, or contact).

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This woudl be really helpful to be able to do within HubSpot rather than try to do it through an API.


I agree! I hope HubSpot can make this available soon. I think this should be available by default even before.


I would love to see this fix done!🙏🙏


This needs to be done asap!


Same idea! 

I'm looking all around for something that helps me to automatically associate deals with contacts and viceverza.


In my case, I have Stripe integration with HS so every time someone buy and pay a product in my website a new deal is created in HS.


The thing is I need to manually associate this deal.


When the deal is created, the customer's email is recorded in a deal's property called "Billing Email". 


How can I create a workflow that pulls this property from the deal, then associates to the contact with the same email?


I have the same exact issue - around 7k deals that are associated to a contact, but not a company,  which is a pain.  Would make sense that this is a part of the workflows, that I can carry over associations. 


It's 2022, where is this? I should at least be able to identify if a company or contact is associated with a deal with the filters....


I also have a need for this! I have deals being created via a Chargebee integration, but I have to manually associate the Company with both the Contact and the Deal. I would like the capability to at least just manually associate the Company to the Contact, and have a workflow automatically associate the Company with the Deal as well. 



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this would be awesome... seems like @hubspot doesn't care about it.