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Workflow - Ability to Create Notes

Right now you only have the abilty to create tasks in workflows.

Other MA platforms allow you to merge fields and save into a note during autmation which is extremly handy for team members when viewing hisotry of activity. 

For example someone fills out a want all of that data in a single note so dont have to go look at each field...

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Any update to this? This would be a really nice feature to have.


Agreed. We use forms on our website to pull in customer requests. Those form then create a deal via workflow. I have to create another workflow to then copy those properties that were updated in the form to properties in the deal so sales doesn't have to switch back and forth. It works but creates extra worksflows and properties that aren't really needed. It would be wonderful to just have them copy over to a note versus multiple fields. 


Would be really useful for us.


Great idea and would help simplify a lot.


Sharing on behalf of customer:

Currently using an external form to pull information to a ticket's description property. However, sometimes a ticket's description will be very long, so a note created instead would be easier. Being able to use the workflows tool to do this would be great!


It's been a year @jtremblay is this still "under review"?

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Hi everyone,


I'm the Group Product Manager for our Automation Product Group here at HubSpot. I wanted to follow up on this particular idea, as we had reviewed it, but have no current plans to work on it.


We are constantly reevaluating our roadmap and could consider this in the future. If or when we do, we will follow up here and let you all know.





I love this! and need so bad for some of the flows for my sales department. 

We often have customer that book new demos through our website - and since we can't change the lifecycle it would be wonderful for us to ad a note instead. 



Just be able to make notes on contacts via a workflow would be good to note events eg person logged in, password resets ect


A hack - if you have access to the Operations Hub Custom Code Workflows - is to use the Custom Code action to create notes.

I've added an example below. You need to make sure that the HAPIKEY secret is added to your list of secrets.
Additionally, you might want to swap out event.object.objectId to another array (example: move event.object.objectId from companyIds: [here] to contactIds: [here]).


var request = require("request");

exports.main = (event, callback) => {
  var options = { method: 'POST',
    url: '',
    qs: { hapikey: process.env.HAPIKEY },
     {'Content-Type': 'application/json' },
     { engagement: 
        { active: true,
          type: 'NOTE',
        { contactIds: [],
          companyIds: [event.object.objectId],
          dealIds: [],
          ownerIds: [] },
       attachments: [],
       metadata: { body: 'This is a test note created from a workflow' } },
    json: true };

  request(options, function (error, response, body) {
    if (error) throw new Error(error);
        outputFields: {
          body: body,



Definitivamente es necesario para manejar clientes y dejar notas importantes


Would love to see this future. Also handy to make things searchable!

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+1 for notes to Workflows!

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You can accomplish this by using Zapier, Integromat, etc. but seems so silly that we have to use Hubspot to trigger a 3rd-party to have it turn around and create an engagement back in Hubspot.


Would like to create a note from a workflow with personalisation tokens and the ability to tag automatically particular users.


This could be to inform multiple users of changes or notify them of events. Currently, this could be done via an internal email but is not logged onto HubSpot and also is not tagged on the particular record.   Also if there need to be any comments or group discussion this cannot be done unless a note.




I also would like to create notes in a workflow. Notating accounts is critical to global customer info, and if we can automate it based on certain conditions, it's incredibly useful


Totally agree this is needed. We have a non-hubspot form flow that can stuff the message into the profile. I then copy it to a note before the first call so I can easily refer to it.   I would much prefer to automatically create the note. 

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Upvoting this. I'd like the option to automatically create and pin a given note - based on some predefined Company/Deal characteristics - to the Deal Activity timeline on Deals at the point of handoff between Sales and Customer Success. Not all note information will be programmable but certain things could be done automatically in our case leading to efficiency gains for Sales and reducing errors during our setup process.


Coming basically any service platform, the Ticket body always contains what the ticket about. Somehow, Service Hub is an afterthought and reuses the design and assets geared for Sales and Marketing. It is not a clean approach for service and support. Reading a small little window module on the left panel of a ticket to discern what the ticket is about is a bit frustrating. We'd also like to see if Ticket Discription can be displayed in the main center body of the ticket. It is priority information.  


Being able to add notes in Workflows would be helpful to capture an event / activity that has happened that isn't a meeting or form entry