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Workflow - Ability to Create Notes

Right now you only have the abilty to create tasks in workflows.

Other MA platforms allow you to merge fields and save into a note during autmation which is extremly handy for team members when viewing hisotry of activity. 

For example someone fills out a want all of that data in a single note so dont have to go look at each field...

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I would really love to create notes through a workflow. The main reason I need this is when we enroll a contact in a sequence, it doesn't show up on the ticket they are associated with. I thought I could auto-create a note saying they have been sent the first note of the sequence, but this option is not available.


Intersting use case.  I actually have a different one, but would love the same feature.


Example 1: When making mass edits, we like to put in a note on the contact as to why that information was changed.  We can definitely get the fact that a property was changed, who did it, etc, but we lack the context of why.  If we could create workflow that make the change for all of the appropriate contacts and include an automatic note on the contacts that were touched saying why, that would be awesome.


Example 2: We have automatic workflows that change properties on contacts.  Sometimes those workflows change over time.  As such, it would be great to add a note to an affected Contact explaining why the workflow made the decision it did based on the current rules that the workflow had at the time.  This way, when we go back through old contacts, it would be more clear as to the circumstances of the action vs. looking at an updated workflow that no longer works the same way.

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Yes, all those are great use cases!

We need a way to "log" some type of history or action for a contact record.


This would be great. I am wanting to create a workflow that will move a ticket to our "Pending Agent" status after it has been sitting in specific statuses for a period of time and would like to add a note to inform that agent to review the ticket. This would help to keep tickets moving but making sure that the agent knows why the ticket was moved.


Creating a note via a workflow would be very helpful so it's easy for the sales reps to see any notes in the activity and don't need to manually put a note in for each contact. This should be doable for all sections contacts, companies, deals, etc. 

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We need this as we send automated emails through workflows which only show on the contact record, not the company record. It would be useful to be able to create a note on the company record advising they have been sent the email.

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Sharing a use case on behalf of a customer:


It would be great to have the feature to add notes to object records via workflows. This would improve the ease of using HubSpot together with other apps that are feeding information into the CRM and updating records. If integration platforms like Zapier aren't able to create an engagement on the activity feed for those integrations, at least having a "create a note" workflow action can be used to post information stored on the contact record on the activity feed. 


There are so many use cases that I can imagine are not possible right now because this feature is missing.


Somewhere else on the HubSpot forum someone mentioned that they hired a developer for $200 to fix it (Create a New Note or Log Activity in a WorkFlow). So it doesn't seem like something that is impossible or even hard to add to the suite.


Please consider it.


This would be great for us, too. When someone submits our 'contact us' form, with their message/inquiry, I want to copy that info to a note on a contact's record so sales can see it.


This would definitely be beneficial. Our sales team has asked that we stop the sync of activity updates from flowing into Salesforce, but there are specific emails that some salesman like to see in their feed. This is something we could put into the "notes" section through a workflow. 


this would be really useful - can't quite understand why it's not possible.


I would like to add an idea to this feature, I have been working on a way to flag customers with special instructions based on previous interactions, whether it be that the customer needs a little more hand holding when supporting, abusive customer, etc...

It would be nice to create a note and be able to set it to be pinned in the ticket. This way it is right at the top of the ticket when someone looks at it and this special note would be seen right away.


Please let us have this function!


Messages in Contact Forms than could be easilly created as note and saved for the future! Very important!


This option would be extremely beneficial! I'm looking for a way to create activity via workflow other than a task.


Yes we need this feature too, to be able to create a new note to sit in the main company record via a workflow would be really useful for us.


Please product team - start looking into this for us!



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Hi Everyone,


I'm Jesse Tremblay, Product Manager for our Automation products here at HubSpot. Thank you for all your feedback on this idea. It's really helpful for us to understand the various use-cases.


While we don't have anything specific to solve for this use-case, we are going to review this idea. We will update this thread once we make a decision on priority. Thanks for your patience & input here.





I need the ability to create contact notes in a workflow to capature prospect data from forms that can't live anywhere else. It seems like a simple feature that could fit many use cases.


I've also found instances where this would assist in your partner integrations. As an example: A lot of your top call partners send voicemails and call links as Notes. Since very few connect with your tickets, this would give us the ability to create workflows that capture that data without need for an additional level of integrations.


I definitely would use this every day. 


I would also love this idea! We use notes via our API so creating workflows with notes empowers us non dev folks.