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Work flow option: Avoid bank holidays

Can you implement a feature so that if your workflow is determined by x amount of days follow up, you can set up a rule that will avoid sending emails on any bank holidays, Christmas day, New year etc.

You already have a business days only rule so I guess it's just building on that....


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I'd also like to be able to use Bank Holidays as triggers.


Our customers never remeber to change their call routing for Bank Holidays. It would be great to have a trigger send, for example, 7 days BEFORE [Bank Holiday] send email [Bank Holiday reminder].


Being able to manually set, with Hubspot, a list of dates that are exceptions to normal days might be the way. Then you can also have an option in Workflows to send, not send, or pause for manual triggering, on those days.

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Same thought ! please implement this idea Hubspot !