Work flow option: Avoid bank holidays

Can you implement a feature so that if your workflow is determined by x amount of days follow up, you can set up a rule that will avoid sending emails on any bank holidays, Christmas day, New year etc.

You already have a business days only rule so I guess it's just building on that....

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Adding to the idea, it would be great to be able to set workflows to avoid actions on holidays in different countries. For example, we would like to be able to avoid actions on public holidays in Japan. 

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As a Workflow admin, I don't want my emails being "wasted" and sent during downtime. This could be a company specific holiday where we should be available to follow-up or common holidays like Christmas where many people are unplugged and not working.


A way to implement: upload a CSV with dates or have a calendar selector for dates that you want the Workflow to skip. In my case, I think being universal across the Hubspot partition is fine vs workflow by workflow specific. But you could have a WF setting that allows the WF to opt OUT of the vacation skips.


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The easiest way to do this wold be to choose "black out" dates for the next 12 months. We wanted to avoid sending emails on July 4th to our US customers, but as it was a Tuesday, it would have been nice to black out Monday to Wednesday of that week. A simple calendar with selectable dates would be ideal.

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I also like the idea of blackout dates in addition to US bank holidays

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I would love to be able to automatically pause workflows on holidays.  We have customers that received our emails on holidays, thought we were working, and then got frustrated when we don't respond right away.  

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Additionally, it would be GREAT if Hubspot had a feature that would pause an email send if another email had deployed to that same contact earlier in the day. We see many unsubscribes because workflow emails and one-off emails coincidentally send on the same day.

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@mdunham ... I LOVE your idea! Maybe you should add that as its own submission? I would totes vote it up! It would be great if there was a setting to pause/delay delivery of an email — or even to set a priority of the type of email being sent — based on the x emails sent to the same contact during the same day to avoid the “fatigue factor” that can sometimes lead to an unsubscribe. 

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The idea and concept of having 'black out' dates or whatever it needs to be labeled should be developed by now... great idea over a year and a half ago and we're still talking about it....  Please HS, get this dialed in - just makes sense and makes our business grow better by not looking sloppy.  


Also like the idea from @mdunham and that it is a different request to be voted up.   


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HubSpot Employee

I think this would certainly be helpful. A preloaded list of international holidays or the ability to create custom "blackout" days would also be a really nice addition.

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In addition to a "Global" blackout calendar, it would be very beneficial to set blackout dates on individual workflows. This would allow organizations to better handle region-specific workflows when it comes to regional holidays.