Wistia integration - Associate HubSpot Form to chosen Salesforce Campaign

Dear Community,


What's the problem?

Right now, in Wistia you can attach a HubSpot form to a video and select a form that should pop-up after a certain time. This form however, you cannot associate to a certain Salesforce Campaign, but you would need to create a customized form, click on [SHARE] and associate it that Campaign every time, instead of sticking to generic forms and just adding the related campaigns.


What does that mean for us and you?

This means that the HubSpot Forms list would run out of control and get really messy, which we want to avoid.


What we want?
We want to be able to add a generic HubSpot form to Wistia videos and attach a chosen Salesforce Campaign to it. 

Please help us in getting this enabled and upvote this idea!



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it would be very useful indeed