Wish List: Uploading Multiple Images to Social Media

We would like to upload multiple images in a social media post. Right now we are limited to one and will have to post directly to twitter, fb, and linkedin to upload more than one.


Thank you

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I agree, I wish Hubspot would fix this.  In a world where visuals are everything, why don't we have the options to tell a social story with more than one picture?

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If a photo tells 1000 words, imagine what 5 photos would do for our marketing messages! I'd love to see this feature implemented. Today, I went Facebook native for my multiple-photo post.

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Hi, we have the same problem and have to create posts directly from Facebook to add multiple images. Is it something that will be fixed in the near future?

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Agreed, would definitely help! 

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Agree agree! This is a pretty old feature for Twitter, so would love to see it added to Hubspot!

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This is a huge gap for a marketing software! Please could you prioritise this feature. Thank you.

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Hoping this feature will be unveiled with the new HubSpot and Facebook partnership.

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Completely agree! Hope to see this implemented in the very near future!

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Hi! I just started using the Hubspot publishing tool and am really surprised at a few things:

* Can only post video on Facebook

* Can't post multiple images 

Can you please let me know when the developers plan on delivering a solution?



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Yes - as discussed here, we would very much appreciate the functionality of adding more than one photo to a Twitter post. Some of our engagement necessitates this, so we have to work around Hubspot... and I'd prefer not to do that!


Thanks so much for your consideration!

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Hello Everyone!

Touching base in regards to this matter - we are limited to what the Application Programming Interfaces (or APIs) for each Social Network set in place for third parties such as, but not limited to HubSpot. Our developers are working with each social network (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to allow for the posting of multiple images, as well as video uploading to other platforms than just Facebook. I do not have an end date at this time, but rest assured - we want these features too! Once the allowances are made from the social networks, we will keep everyone updated with the changes.


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I would be very happy to see this functionality added.

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Would love to have this added as well. 

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This would be a great feature for us to have to.


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We would definitely use this feature. It's too bad we have to turn to other tools to do this job.


Can't wait for more features to be integrated. It's frustrating right now to have to go native in FB to post carousel images and the like. Which means that Hubspot Calendar isn't a 100% accurate reflection of what content is out there, without me having to manually update it. But still, I'd take Hubspot warts and all over other marketing automation software I've trialled in the past xo 

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Please add this!

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Agree! I would love this feature!!

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I would love this idea to be implemented. The capacity to upload only one image limits posting on SM handles via hubspot. 

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Almost final feature needed before our social team can properly jump on board with HS. Another is tagging users/accounts 🙂