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Why can't I finalize an invoice that has a $0 total?

It happens that we often sell a service as a promotion to attract new customers and give a 100% discount on it, ex: a free consultation.

I want to be able to invoice it to record the work done and have it record as a $0.00 item.

However HubSpot won't let me finalize an invoice if the total is $0.00.

Why not?

This seems like a very silly limitation.

Even a negative total invoice is possible if there's a refund which should be added (e.g. subtracted) to the revenue totals.

If the value is <= $0.00, the payment link could simply be removed from the invoice to avoid problems with the payment processor. Refunds would be handled outside of HubSpot.


Another use for this is for testing invoices by since you can add a product item and give a 100% discount and it won't affect revenue reports. Otherwise, you have to create a dummy test deal and filter it out from reports. Of course, a sandbox option in HubSpot would be much better, but this would be an acceptable woraround for most people.


Please fix this!