Who created this deal?


I don't know. Let me take 5-7 clicks to find that out for you. Here's Camila showing me where I can find the user that created the deal record: 





Wouldn't it be easier to just create a beautiful report? Agreed!


Once upon a time there was a filter "Created by user ID" that helped us create this report. It wasn't the best option since we struggled finding each User's ID. It did get us close, though. However, that no longer exists. Yes, it mysteriously dissappeared! Or, was I just imagining things? 






Adding a "Created By" filter would benefit us by:


  • Tracking individual SDR/BDR performance and comp
  • Saving time from manually updating a spreadsheet
  • Reducing my dental bill from grinding my teeth


Any other community members want to give this an upvote?!

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Good god... how is this not already a thing? Please do this, but not just for deals - make it possible to report who created a record regardless of the type.