Whitelist some free email domains or single emails


Hello HubSpot, in all our forms we block free email domains, this strategy works in most of the cases.

Sometimes we need to make exceptions without disabling the feature. Is there a way to whitelist some domains or single email addresses?

This feature will be extremely useful to allow some people to get our gated content upon request without having to enable all the free domains.

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I agree. There seem to be many valid leads that chose to use their gmail.com accounts I would love to add gmail.com to the whitelist free domain emails I would accept.




You have the choice of all or nothing.  Or you can enter the domains you want to block with a comma after each.  But there are hundreds.  It would be SO nice to have a list where you can select all, and then deselect the few you wish not to block.  PLEASE add this feature!