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Which user created a form?

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It would be helpful in troubleshooting forms to be able to identify which user on an account built or last edited a form, much in the same way as we can see this information for marketing emails and website and landing pages.

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Yes i agree 


Our client want to make the arrangement of the form  ( want to note who make the form ) 


But cant fiqure out how to do it ....


they can see who creat the list、email、landing page  except form , they feel struggle 


we can now advise them to make the naming of the form to identify  " XYZ Form by NAME " , but still weird when you know you dont need to do this kind of naming on other HS function ( list、email etc )



Upvoting, crazy this isn't a thing for audit purposes, exactly the same as workflows and emails.

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Yes - this funcitionality is REALLY needed, not just on forms but across every tool in the portal. I manage a large portal that houses multiple users for a global account, having access to information like this is absoltuley vital - as not only does it keep our portal healthy and clean and transparent but it helps me to ensure best practice, and it ensures that each regional/country manager is being billed correctly for their proportion of the portal in use.


This is such a basic essential to have. I am reluctant to give more users access to form creation for this very reason


Upvoted! 👍
I thought I had lost my mind when I couldn't find this basic functionality. It turns out it doesn't exist.


Upvoting this as well! I'm quite surprised this feature doesn't exist, it should be somewhat simple to implement also.