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When using the Tasks tool, load the associated object page already scrolled down to task's location

When using the feature with the Next and Skip/Complete buttons at the top of the page that takes you to the task's associated record, it would help a lot if each record page you are taken to loaded with the activity feed already scrolled down to show the task in question.
I use HubSpot to assign tasks to other people, and these tasks often need instructions in their Notes area. The coworkers I assign tasks to don't like having to look through the activity feed or all the tasks on the tasks tab (or use the search) to find the one they are currently supposed to be working on and read its notes. It would save a lot of time with the click-through experience if the relevant task was guaranteed to be immediately visible on the page.
I would just direct people to work from the page where all their tasks are listed in one place, but in that case they would have to look up and open the associated records anyway to see relevant information in the records' properties. Opening directly to the task on the record page seems like the simplest way to have all the information visible at once.