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When moving lists to a folder, stop showing the list in the main list view

I thought that moving lists into folders would mean I wouldn't see the list in the main view anymore.


Instead I still see ALL my lists in the main view (including those that have been added to folders) which defeats the purpose of having those folders in the first place. 


It's not a clean view and makes it annoying to navigate and organize my lists.


What I'd love to see: When I move a list to a folder, the only place that list will appear is in that folder. This will help with quickly identifying which lists need to be organized and which ones I can delete/don't need.

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[Product Managers:  After submitting my own issue on a broken Folder View, I searched for Folder View and found 40 separate issues submitted around folders, none with a lot of upvotes, but all together show that this is a significant problem to the community.  Please fix.]