When I change a Hubspot Owner (in Sales), it should Auto-Change All Instances of the owner

For instance, an emploiyee left and I had to change the Accounts to a new HS Owner. I was surprised to learn that the Deals associated with that Account did NOT change HS Owner. It should. To manually change each Deal is time consuming.

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Agreed, we need the option (check boxes) when the Company owner is changed to also change the owner of the Contacts (already does this), Deals, AND Tasks. On a weekly basis we have to reassign some accounts and it is an ugly, time consuming process in HubSpot do this manually.

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 Awesome idea.  I'd submitted this as a support ticket just today.  With so many moving parts and the fact that automatic lead assignment doesn't always work right, something like this is necessary.  Surprised frankly that's not a current feature!