Whatsapp, Instagram direct and Imessage


I would like to pitch an idea regarding the service Hub to work as an omnichannel.


Currently customer service works also as a sales department, specially in the ecommerce B2C companies. Customers want to be able to contact companies through any channel that they want , and as a company we need to have all the information in just one system.


Currently Hubspot is great for having email, FB messenger and chat, but we are  missing important channels such as Instagram Direct, Whatsapp Messenger and Imessanging 


It would be great i the service hub proffesional includes the instagram direct and in a near future we are also able to have whatsapp and Imessenger. I believe in the service hub tool this are important pieces that are missing in Hubspot.


Also this way as a company we will be able to have analytics on the channels our customers contact us in just one tool. Currently Zendesk is one of the companies that offers something similar but if hubspot is the ideal product for service, sales and marketing.


The service Hubs is missing this kind of options.

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Totally agree. Nowadays customers prefer to contact via WhatsApp and Instagram rather than e-mail or chat. So it's a must for the Service Hub to embrace those features.


The integrations available in the Marketplace are clunsy and difficult to set up. We need a native integration right now!