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WhatsApp Integration

As our organization does a lot of work with Latin America, WhatsApp integration is essential for the growth of our organization. It is a tool that is necessary for any business in Latin America and integration with HubSpot would make our job so much easier. Please consider ASAP!

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WhatsApp IntegrationHubSpot Produkt-Team
Apr 5, 2017

Whatsapp is the next generation of SMS, AND it is over IP, so it is free.

HubSpot must be able to send Whatsapp messagens ASAP to keep up with the correct communication methods.

The new generation don´t use e-mail anymore, they communicate through instant messaging (Whatsapp, Facebook chat, Line...). Whatsapp is the most popular and does no require "friendship", so should be the next step for HubSpot.

I believe this is crucial for HubSpot future.

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WhatsApp is being used more and more as a means of communicatoin between our clients and consultants. Is there any timeline on integrating this with HS? Right now all the communication is on individual cellphones and not client records.