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As our organization does a lot of work with Latin America, WhatsApp integration is essential for the growth of our organization. It is a tool that is necessary for any business in Latin America and integration with HubSpot would make our job so much easier. Please consider ASAP!

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This should be bumped as priority... since WhatsApp Business is on the rise and is incredible. We're using it for orders, invoice confirmations, appointment bookings, and messaging, like live chat. The customer experience is remarkable. Let's see this added as an integration  via native Twilio or an added feature.

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We have great news for you! After working on this product for some time, we are glad to announce that we built a solution to integrate HubSpot + WhatsApp.
WhatHub adds HubSpot contact info to WhatsApp's sidebar, logs conversations in the timeline, and much more.
More info at https://www.hubspot.com/integrations/whathub


WhatHub beta program and affiliate program are currently available to HubSpot Agency Partners only.

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We run a safari company and form close relationships with our guests who we see as friends. 
Being able to automate sending them whatsapps leading up to their trip

eg have they got their visas, letting them know what the weather is like, what animals we've recently seen etc would really help us 1) create a personalised customer journey 2) to build excitement leading up to their trip

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I have been after HubSpot on this idea for over 2 years. The have finally come up with an integrated solution using Whatsapp. The hunt was successful. Unfortunately it is only available to partners and in beta from what I understand.

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For business it is a must, to reach out to family members it´s a must. It may not be so popular in the US, however the rest of the world most people use it and it will help several businesses to be more proactive and be able to reach their clients easier and faster. SMS for USA is great but not for our clients of other countries. Please make this happen ASAP! Your business will grow even more. Zoho will be implementing it soon. You need a Zapier integration at least, but ASAP!

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As I understand it, ZohoCRM already has this functionality in the service of its clients.


Yes, I can aggree with that. We work in Germany and absolutely need a integration of WhatsApp in Hubspot.

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This is great news.

We use whatsapp but as a new Hubspot user (and not currently on one of the paid plans) it looks as though we will not be able to use it for a while.

In any case, we would certianly find it helpful, as I am aiming to make hubsport the 'hub' for all our CRM/communications tools, which presumably what the company wants, and at present Whatsapp is a loose end.




yes, please