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As our organization does a lot of work with Latin America, WhatsApp integration is essential for the growth of our organization. It is a tool that is necessary for any business in Latin America and integration with HubSpot would make our job so much easier. Please consider ASAP!

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Agreed! At this moment it is one of the most used forms of communication for the Latin America Market and there is a great need for this integration.

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How is it that this say it is solved? This is not solved.

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Has someone at HubSpot seen this post? This really would be a great feature! We could expand our businesses in Latam very quickly.

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Yes, please!


Our customer base LOVES to share everything via Whatsapp.


We tried different ways in which this could be done, but no luck... Oh Hubspot, please answer our prayers!

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Hubspot, can't wait to see the leadership on this project!! It would be an awesome Christmas gift! WhatsApp please!

Our base is mostly latinos who use whatssapp.

47 million total latino American citizens.

Latinos are driving usage here in the U.S. In fact, according to a new study by Pew Research, 49% of U.S. Latinos are using Whatsapp representing the highest usage among any ethnic group in the country.


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We work with people in US and Jamaica and all use WhatsApp as their primary method of communication - far more than email.

At the moment we have to copy and paste comms over into a note and mark it manually. 

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This really would be huge! A lot of queries coming from our customers. This would be great for both in-house and external communication. Hope this will be available asap. Thanks!


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WhatsApp is the major communication tool in Brasil


We hardly ever use phonecall or e-mails, everything goes through whatsapp nowadays


We really want to purchase the full license of hubspot, but whatsapp integration is a must have for us

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From South Africa, this is essential to us as well. So many people on WhatsApp that it's become the standard messaging platform rather than SMS.


Over and above the ability to message someone from Hubspot, or at the very least log a message sent, I would love to see broadcast list integration. You can add up to 500 people to a broadcast list and send a message to the broadcast group. I would use this for fairly specific communication with clients when we have events, info and updates relevant to them and in their area or as an alternative to my email campaigns with links to the content (I get lots of people saying they don't really use email and would prefer me to keep in touch via WhatsApp).


Apart from WhatsApp, would like Messenger and SMS integration.

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I noticed that there are a lot of ideas that are talking to the same thing.


@mschnitt , does Hubspot consolidate the replies and upvotes when making dev roadmap decisions?


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