What happened to the "Go to List" feature on Reports? I loved that thing.

I noticed that when I look at a report on a dashboard and click actions, there is no longer an option for "Go to List". This is a major inconvenience especially since it's impossible to get a full view of the list name in the edit interface. Very frustrating 😡

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Absolutely agree on this! The new reports filters are nice, but it was much more practical to set the filters on the views and lists and be able to access them from the report. What use is a report without being able to acctually look at the data that's behind it?


"Go to list" and "go to view" are indispensable for an efficient reporting process. When managers look at the reports, they need a quick entry into the data behind it.


The way it is now, we need to first of all build the filters twice: once on the reports and once on the views and lists. And second of all, we need to teach managers and Sales how to find the right views that are behind each report. Very annoying. 

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I agree!

The easier we make it for the viewers of the dashboard to access the data, the more they will use this tool.

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 Totally agree! 

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Hands up! I totally agree!

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Totally agree! It's very annoying to have lost easy access to views from my dashboard reports