Weekly/Monthly recurring tasks as 'reminders' like in an iPhone calendar

Hey guys,


I'm wanting to schedule a reminder for myself each Friday using the 'task' function on a customer's account so I can be reminded to go in and make adjustments for her weekly order. I've been told this isn't a thing yet, so I'll have to do it on my iPhone, but it would be awesome to have it integrated into Hubspot so I can have everything under one hood Smiley Happy



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Definitely needed 

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I am very surprised this isn't a feature already as it's available on all task managers and similar CRMs - My whole team are DESPERATE for this as it's vital for your regular tasks, would save so much time. Keeping my fingers tightly crosed that we see this soon :-)

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+1 for this

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This will be a vital feature for my weekly and montly tasks.  I look forward to seeing it soon.Smiley Happy

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this is an essential feature

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This would make my life so much easier! 

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You have my vote on this, it would be of geat benefit.

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Do we have any update on this?


Also recurring projects would be the bomb

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Really need this to manage subscription renewals so that the Customer Success team can pay more attention to a client as renewal approaches.