Week by week comparison in reports


Hi everyone,


Is anyone else interested in having week by week or month by month comparison for some of their reports? similar to how you compare data on google analytics or any marketing platform.


How do you overcome the fact that it doesn't exist in Hubspot's reports, but your clients are constantly looking for that kind of information?








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I am in need of the same type of comparison reports. We'd like to see top form submissions this month compared to last month. Comparison reports work off of a date property yet when I plug in 'create date' the display options for 'comparison' are still grayed out and not able to be used.  

My executive team is not going to want to see two reports side by side and analyze that. It makes sense to have a comparison option by date on all reports.


I reached out to support for this same sort of feature on reporting and comparisons. This is what I was told: "

Time period comparisons are only available for graphs displaying a date property. This shows if you hover over the comparison option in the Display Options drop down.


I did some tests in your portal and if a date property is the only one in the displaying section AND you are using a line, area, or summary graph, you will be able to compare (see attached as an example)


It looks like you're currently dictating the date using the filter on the report. An alternative here is to duplicate the report and create a filter that shows the previous month and save both reports to your dashboard."


Hope this information helps to give you guys a better idea of which reports and how you can do a comparison as well as another alternative to still be able to compare data quckly (although not ideal).


This is definitely something we need as well. Not all comparisons can be made based on a object-centric (Contact, Company, or Deal) date property. 

E.g. we want to be able to compare the number of [Deals in deal stage X] today vs. how many was in that same stage as of May 19th (3 months ago) to see how situations change and fluctuate over time. 

NB! That comparison has nothing to do "when" a deal entered the deal stage, or when the deal was created. We just want to compare "How many" deals in Deal stage X do we have today, and how many did we have 1 quarter ago, or same date last year. Also, I've used Deals as an example, but this is as relevant for Contacts and Companies. 


I agree, this is something I have been looking to have across many of our reports and it seems like a strange limitation to have as many people need to see the trends of sales activity over time.


The report tool itself is a bit cumbersome to use and I don't fee like it is intuitive.




Upvoting this as well!


Upvoting! It's odd not to be able to report on how metrics have changed over time. We need this.


We are keeping an extensive spreadsheet to manually track the history of our deal pipeline. We want to know how many deals were in x stage at a certain point in time and the ability to monitor the trend. Please add this functionality to HubSpot reports.

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I upvote this too, surely this a standard requirement of reporting needs?


I too upvote this. It is a very critical piece of information to see how you are doing.


Yes, please. I would like to compare email preformance from Jan - June 2021 vs Jan - June 2020. Weirdly, you can do it in Social, just not in emails.


As per what STVRK said, we also need to be able to do a WoW, or MoM comparison of any given company/deal/ticket/contact property X.


For example, comparing the number of companies in [property X's single picklist value] this week vs last week, or every week in the last month. The comparison has nothing to do with when the given field was last modified or created; we just need to see the variation in the count over time.


Thank you!


Up voting as well. This small feature is a real necessity to graining insights into how the business is performing. 


Up voting this as well.


Please!!!!!!!!! ASAP


We really need this as well! When I go to try to compare a report it is "grayed out" even though it contains a date property. I need to compare # of deals in any given month 2020 vs. 2021.



Upvoting, can't believe this hasn't been added yet?! 


Week by Week reporting to be able to show key criteria such as number of deals assigned to each salesrep, and how the value changes is a critical need. With salesforce this is generally done by taking daily change reports and loading them into a SQL database and having them analysed by a DBA. It's complex but critical. I believe this can also be done in hubspot using scheduled reports, and loading them into a database or also by using the API. 


It would be great if HubSpot were to add this feature , ie. show how many deals each sales rep is managing each week for the year, and showing hwo the vlaue of these deals (both deal value and weighted deal value) changed each week. This is without a doubt one of the KPI's every sales mananger needs to measure sales and marketing performance.


Please add this, and consider this an upvote.


Upvoting this as well.  I also keep an extensive spreadsheet to track changes in activity, pipleline, etc.  Help?!?



The new report builder has brought some new good functionality for analysing the data in HubSpot. However, now the option "compare with last year" has completely been removed.. We really need that to possible in the new report builder.. 


I could use the old report builder, but the date filters aren't as flexible as in the new report builder, hence falls short. 

Unfortunately, we still have to rely on excel exports.

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Yes, this is an absolute must. You have to have WoW, DoD, MoM comparisons. So important, including YoY for seasonal comparisons.