Webinar Attendee Logic

Taking the GoToWebinar integration to the next level, need to find a way to bulk list attendees to events that contain a consistent name, vs having to drill down to a specific event by name and date. 


We have two series of webinars that we conduct, each always carries the same naming convention (as far as GTW is concerned). I have a simple yes/no contact property box so that I do not re-invite people who have already attended that particular themed session. Currently the options are either 1) stay on top of each event afterwards and just add the event on top of other events in a list, then have that list tied to a workflow that updates this contact property or 2) occasionally upload the GTW excel list into HS with that contact property to be manually updated in mass.  


Feel with all the awesome logic in HS we should be able to create a list that said GoToWebinar webinar status -> Contact has attended a webinar that CONTAINS "Subject Overview" (vs Contact has attended the/a specific webinar). Not any webinar, I know that is possible, but webinars with specific names or characters and utilize the "contains" logic. 

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