Webcal support for Calendar

We would love to share the HubSpot Productivity Calendar with our internal staff, which uses G Suite's Google Calendar. It would be great if HubSpot's calendar supported Webcal/iCal so folks could add it to their calendars without having create accounts on HubSpot, log into HubSpot, etc.




Ian Lotinsky



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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Migrated from legacy ideas forum with 128 votes.  Would be nice to add any of the scheduled tasks from the HubSpot marketing calendar to my google business calendar or for those Outlookers, my Outlook calendar.

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It would be great to see Projects and Calendar under HubSpot Marketing's Productivity tab featuring integration with Google Calendar.


I would like to track projects like content creation and other various marketing tasks using HubSpot as their publication is also done through HubSpot.


Project Tasks are not a trigger for integration tools like Zapier.

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I agree. We work about a month ahead so it would be great to have an automated (and integrated) calendar reminder when something posts live so we can go out and share it.

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Yes, please. I would love this.

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Yes I thought the same thing, being able to just share the calendar and not have to create two calendars saves time. I love the HubSpot reminder feature but I share calendars with Google and I can't do that with HubSpot but it's essential to have both. 

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The HubSpot content/marketing calendar needs GSuite integration. This would be very helpful to have it all in one place, get notified when something goes live, and to help give visibility to people in the organization who don't use HubSpot.