We should be able to set the CRM Deal Stage property in workflows

We should be able to set the CRM Deal Stage property in workflows, so we can send Inline EDM follow ups on mass to sales prospects in the deal funnel.

This will then automatically jump the prospect to a new deal stage in the CRM.

I get that there can be multiple deals for one customer, but that just needs a deal ID tag, to get around the problem.

Sooooo need it!


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YES please!!!!!!!! HubSpot is currently adjusting lifecycles when new deals are created, it seems crazy that deals can't be modified when Lifecycles are updated. It should be an easy adjustment to make it a 2 way street. 

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YES - need to be able to set deal properties with workflows.

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Looking forward to it!!!!!!!!

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Totally agree. It lacks us so much to be able to change deal properties and move deals from one stage to another with workflows. As we cannot do it now, we are using less and less deals, recreating it within contacts with multiple new properties. But it's just a pity, because otherwise the deals are great ! Please make it possible !

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If the deal property changes I don't know why it's that hard to also change that deal's stage....Really need this functionality!

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Being able to set deal properties with workflows is crucial for us too!! Hop this project will be considered by your development team Smiley Happy 



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We would really love to see this functionality soon too! In fact, we realised that we can use Zappier (a 3rd party app) to find a deal with specific name and update that deal stage, so it is disappointing that the native HubSpot functions cannot include this. 

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I completely agree - this is an essential feature for our daily tasks! 


@joezhang we are using Zapier too but was wondering how did you manage to update the deal stage? Was it through a webhook and Hubspot's API? Thanks in advance. 

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HubSpot Product Team
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Thanks for voting for this idea! If this is something you would benefit from, please comment here with information on how you'd like to use it or email me directly at bwu@hubspot.com.

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 We would really like to be able to do the following two things if/when this is added. 


1) When the Internal Due Date for a opportunity is changed from one date to another in HubSpot, I would like the quote owner (sales) to be notified via email. In this way, the sales team member will be made aware when an internal due date (agreed date by the quoter) or priority on one of their opportunities has been adjusted. They could then follow-up with the quoter to ask questions or raise concerns if necessary.

2) When a new opportunity is added to HubSpot with a Quote Due Date, send an email to the quote resource to notify them that there is an opportunity they will need to work on/quote.