We need a Today's Date property


I would absolutely love a "Today's Date" property. This is something I have discussed with many HubSpot users and employees and everyone agrees that it would be incredibly beneficial to all teams within the business.


I find it crazy this isn't available yet! I think the potential uses of this are endless but for myself, our sales team, and marketing teams it would massively help with reporting. Creating custom properties that allow us to monitor the time a contact/company or deal has been at a certain stage, how long since their last website visit, and much more.


It will allow us to create nurture workflows and campaigns for stagnating deals which will ultimately help us generate more revenue.


I think the amount of times people have sought an answer in the community section demonstrates the desire for this property amongst HubSpot users.

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this Topic has been brought up numerous times because it's so essential / logical feature (and the data for it is already in HubSpot). 

Here is the most popular thread about this with almost 150 upvotes: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/Having-a-dynamic-today-field-in-the-Time-between-feat...


but HubSpot themselves won't do anything about this. The thread above is 1 year old and we haven't even received a message from them yet...

So lost cause with HubSpot I would say..